sending Control Voltage (CV) from Ableton to a hardware synthesizer

Hey there!

Is it possible to send Control Voltage (CV) from Ableton  / or Max 4 Live to a hardware synthesizer?

I would like to be able to have a Midi clip with some notes playing and send that sequence as CV to a hardware synthesizer for example to an 1V/octave input of an VCO.

Does someone know if that is possible and yes how? 

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distorson 1 year ago | 0 comments

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  • Near Earth Object
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    You need something that transforms midi to CV output. Arturia's Beatstep controller can do something like that,for example.

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  • chrtessa
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    Arturia beatstep is fine or you can use the experts sleepers solution :

    software with motu audio interface or hardware with es3 etc ...

    Elektron Analog four also have 4 cv output

    Some eurorack module can do midi to cv


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  • grandèmal
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    A little late on this, but Yes you definitely can

    I'm currently using the motu mk4 and max/msp to do this

    2 months ago | 0 comments

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