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I'm a drummer using a hybrid set-up and currently I'm using a trigger pad that's mapped to ''Scene launch'' in Ableton. It works great and it's a lot of fun but while trying this out I noticed that there's a weird sound that shouldn't be there. Turned out that one Midi track with a VST plugin was armed and other trigger pads (that should only play sounds from my trigger module) are of course sending midi values to that armed track. The problem is that at some point I would need to keep a track armed (to play keyboard on Ableton Push 2 with my left hand and keep drumming with my right) so I need to figure out how to send only one midi value (or multiple, if I want to map something else as well) from the trigger module to midi mapping and nothing else.

Hardware: 5pin midi output from Roland TM-2 trigger module goes into Focusrite 2i4 midi in. So basically I need to change settings for Focusrite 2i4 since it's the one receiving midi info. Note: Roland TM-2 does not have a USB output.



I think I was approaching it from the wrong angle, instead of trying to limit the incoming midi, I should specify which source should be used - choosing Midi from: Push solves it!

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