Send CC from a Max4Live MIDI Effect to an instrument on the same track.

Is there a way to control an instrument's parameters by sending it MIDI CC directly from a Max4Live MIDI Effect? That is, instead of globally mapping a CC value to an instrument's parameter, can CC values be sent to it from within the same track, the same way MIDI notes are sent to the device?

For example, in the screengrab below I have a simple Max4Live device with a live.dial, following by a MIDI Instrument (Operator). I'd like to have the live.dial control the "Filter Freq" dial in Operator.

(Obviously the setup pictured here is pretty pointless, but this would open up lots of other things for me.)

The only ways I've found to do this are to have the devices on separate tracks, send the MIDI out and back in to Live, and then use the global MIDI mapping to map it to the Filter Freq dial. That seems like a long walk for something that should be pretty simple.


mattgilbert 1 year ago | 0 comments

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