Send audio from a Live track to Reason and back ?

Hi all,

I'm using Live and Reason together. Reason as a ReWire slave.

Sending midi to Reason and get the audio back to Live is easy (Ext. Instrument).

But sometimes I'd like to send the audio of a Live track to Reason and have it back, basically using Reason as a audio effect. 


Any way to achieve that ?





flapflap 1 year ago | 0 comments

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Have you already tried using an external fx rack for that?

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  • michelangelodecia
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    I've got the same problem, I'm using Live to loop myself and Reason for all the external instrument, but what if want a reason's fx on my voice for example? The only solution that popped out is to use another computer with another audio interface and have a set up like this:

    For MIDI: Keyboard(Midi)>Live(Midi)>Reason(Audio)>Live>Output



    For Audio: Mic>AudioInterface1>Reason(on Comp1)>AudioInterface2>Live(on Comp2)>Output


    Mic>AudioInterface1>Live>ExternalFx>AudioInterface2>Reason(on another comp)>and go back in the first computer because of the external fx, basically you are using a computer as a normal physical Fx such as a guitar pedals. 

    Actually it could work but you need two computer onstage which is a bit complicate (also because I'm not sure if running Live with reason in re-wire AND another reason in link on another, for the sync and the tempo, is a good idea)

    I'm sure there's a better solution... 



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