Selecting VST audio effect presets using Midi programme changes

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Last night I've finally got my head around using clips to select presets of a VSTi using the 'Pgm Change' section, allowing me to quickly cycle through instruments using my midi device. However I'm trying to work out a way of using the same thing for cycling through the presets of VST audio effect devices again using my midi device, however it looks like the 'Pgm Change' function only works for VSTi instruments and not VST effects.

So is there any way (either by using a 3rd party max for live device, or natively through Ableton) I can go through presets of my VST effect device using a midi controller (or even through clip envelopes)

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    This will only work for 8 vst presets at a time, however you can load multiple instruments in one rack and use the selector to change instruments for more

    1.) download klipknobber 1.0
    2.) create a new midi track and load in an instrument
    3.) inside the instrument click programs it should turn yellow
    4.) click the power looking button to activate the program list
    5.) load in the desired patches
    6.) insert another midi track
    7.) drop in klipknobber 1.0 and turn the bank steps up to 8, every time ableton is closed it defaults back to 3 so this step will have to be repeated every time the set is opened
    8.) turn midi from off
    9.) create a clip, make sure loop is off
    10.) under program change select bank 1
    11.) then select program 1
    12.) duplicate clip and change program 1 to program 2, repeat this process till there are 8 clips
    13.) click the active button
    14.) midi map the clip select to a midi controller knob
    15.) create one more midi track
    16.) click monitor in
    17.) click midi to drop down and select the vst instrument track, in this case massive
    18.) click midi from and select the track with klipknobber 1.0
    19.) arm the instrument track and it should be working

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