Select which clip to launch when using TAP-button count-in to launch clips?

I'm currently playing keys on an improvised song-gameshow, where all the songs and lyrics are improvised. For this purpose, I've made lots of drumloops in different genres that I can use at will.

I've usually started the drum loops first, and then played along, but sometimes, I really want it to be the other way around, but still not be limited to the loops original tempo/the current tempo in live. This is the scenario:

1. I select a drumloop/genre i would like to use
2. I start playing piano.
3. I tap the TAP-button with my left hand four times to count-in the drum loop.
4. The drum loop starts, in the tempo that i tapped.

To get the count-in trick to work, I have to make the launch-triangle on a clip active/green, but stop the playback. To do this, I have to launch the clip, and then stop playback with space. This takes too long, and obviously plays the clip for a split second. I would like to do this completely silent, and fast.

Is there any other way of "Launch-arming" a clip?
Thanks. :)

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hanton22 3 years ago | 0 comments

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