select next scene on launch?

In session view, I want to select the first scene and have the next scene begin automatically when the first is done, without using a midi control surface and without any physical action on my part. In other words i want the scenes to play one after another automatically.

in live 5 and live 6, i could do this simply by clicking "on" in preferences by the "select next scene on lauch" button, but with the trial version of live 7 and the new live 8 i can't get this to work.

any ideas? please help


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  • Moosehopter
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    Hi guys,

    I'm am running Live 9.7.1 on OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

    I've read this thread with interest along with other threads elsewhere.  I have also read the Ableton manual multiple times, watched videos and pulled most of my hair out.

    I want to use Scenes in the Session View to play a song live where each Scene is a Song section eg  Scene1 = Intro   Scene2 = Verse  Scene3 = Chorus etc . . . 

    I want the Scenes to AUTOMATICALLY follow one another unless I intervene manually and decide to loop a section longer than normal.  eg loop the intro until the vocalist returns from chatting up the girls at the bar.

    As discovered by others in this thread, ticking 'Select Next Scene on Launch' as a preference within the Scene Edit menu only arms the scene for a manual action.

    My clips have been transferred over from a recording within the Arrangement View where each track was a discrete instrument  eg  Track1 Drums   Track2 Basss  Track 3 Guitar etc . . . 

    I want to keep these tracks discrete so that when performing live I can duck out or drop in instruments at my discretion. This I will be doing from a MIDI controller on my guitar.

    I don't want to use the Arrangement View as Brian suggests because I want the freedom and flexibility enjoyed within Session View during the live performance but also, I want to RECORD the live performance into Session View.

    I have experimented with the Follow Actions within the Clip View Launch settings for a selected row of clips (ie a scene) but my clips are not exactly aligned with the original grid from whence they came (within Arrangement View) and so judging the trigger next point by specifying the number of bars or beats results in a premature trigger or a small gap of silence.  It also takes ages trying to judge this before you realise its just not possible.

    I have read Calagan's suggestion of the dummy silent track with a launch MIDI note and understand the concept but surely,  SURELY this cant be the way to resolve this.

    Running Scenes in an automatic chain for a live performance but still retaining the flexibility of tweaking parameters within the Session View manually has got to be something almost all live musicians would want and I took to be one of the main selling points of Ableton over other more traditional DAWs.

    Are we all missing something here?

    Hope someone can help?

    Best,  Moosehopter


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  • tsunchoo
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    Wow, I can't believe why something so logical is this hard to achieve.

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  • Calagan
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    I answer to this post quite late, but I wanted to achieve the same goal, and I just found a way to do it (at least on a mac).

    It's a bit complicated to figure out, but quite easy to achieve : You juste need to use a dummy clip track next to all your other tracks.

    How to do it ?

    - in the Preferences/Record-Warp-Launch, you need to be sure that "select next scene on launch" is on

    - in the Preferences/Midi, you need to enable the IAC bus (track & remote). Check that post for more infos if you don't know nothing about that :

    - create a midi track with the following settings : midi from = no input / midi to = IAC (and select the channel : it can be any setting)

    - choose whatever note you want, and assign this note to trigger the "launch scene" action. 

    If you don't know how to do it : First, put this note at the 3d or 4th bar of your dummy midi clip (it will give you some time to do the next steps), launch the clip, then enable the midi mapping mode (midi button on the high right corner of your screen), click on the parameter you want to be controlled (the play button of the scene - it says "launch scene" when you move your mouse on it), and wait the midi note to be played. When the note is played, a new mapping info will appear on the left of your screen : this note will now trigger the "launch scene" action.

    - put this note in your midi clip in the place when you want the next scene to be launched. Be sure that the quantization settings of all your clips will not make trouble.

    - If "select next scene on launch" is on, each time a scene will be launched with this method, the next scene will be automatically selected, waiting to be launched again, and so on until you decide to stop...

    It's done !


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  • david.barker
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    Hi Kandi

    Think you need "follow actions"

    When you go into the clip editor,the follow actions are there.I haven't used these  as  I'm reasonably new to Live

    But in the Live manual and on Youtube,etc, there is plenty of help and advice for you

    But also some other members,might see this and add to your question

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  • Funk N. Furter
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    Yes, I have a video of this here

    Moving a song from Arrange to Session View

    scroll down to the late section beginning "Other Stuff" There are instructions and a couple of short videos.

    Free tutorials & resources for Ableton Live users—updated daily!



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  • Audiophillic
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    Yes, I want to do this as well.

    I read online and apparently pressing Enter on the selected scene will launch it and, if "Select Next Scene On Launch" is enabled in Preferences it should automatically start playing the next scene. Well, in mine it doesn't...I can map a midi controller to have them play continuously by pressing a button (next scene is selected but does not play unless I trigger it) but I am not able to make them play in order without any physical action on my part. How do you do this?

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  • brian sansone
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    I dont think follow actions apply to scene launching.

    The easiest way ( if I correctly understand the problem )  is to record your session to

    arrangement.   Lets say you have 5 scenes that you want to play in succession.

    Simply record yourself launching the scenes exactly like you want by using the arrangement record button and going through the motions of launching each scene, one after another.  This will lay out everything in the arrangement view.  Your whole performance would be captured.  Now in the arrangement view, you have a recording of each scene being launched exactly as you wanted.    You could then loop that and everything would play through over and over until you hit stop .

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  • peterbufano
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    I've has this problem too. It's a preference "select next scene on launch" but there seem to be other conditions that need to be met ignored to get it to work. 

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