Screen glitch support with Windows 7 64 bits. (also latency and Cpu support!)

Hi all!

I've been using ableton Live lite in Win XP OS this months without any troubles. I bought a great i7 laptop thinking that with more power, faster results. By default the laptop came with Win 7 64 bits. Instalation and authorizing were correct, and Ableton runs OK, but when I arm an audio track, for a couple of seconds, I get a screen glitch; then it comes to normal again. It's not horrible... but it's annoying when you are triying to play live, and the screen freezes for 3 or 4 seconds every time you arm a track.

Also, I've noticed, that CPU just after opening the program, is on 2 or 3 percent, and when I start using Massive or Kontakt, it gets 40 or 50 percent!

Latency also got worse. With my fast track pro, I'm working with 512 samples ( I's wierd that I cant work with 256 ) In my old Pc with dual core 2.4 Ghz and 2 Gb of Ram, I could get better results in all those aspects. Hope you all can help! Thank you in advance!


(I'm from canary Islands. I've learn english in forums and films. So if I've make any lenguage mistake, please excuse me! I'm doing my best! haha )

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    did you download and try the 64bit beta version of Ableton Live?

    If you have the same problem with both 32bit and 64bit version of Live, then the problems are related to your new laptop that needs to be optimized for audio purposes.

    also make sure you are using WIN7 64bit drivers for the m-audio card, and latest drivers for your graphics card.

    for questions on how to optimize and fine tune your new laptop , use google with this term:

    "windows 7 daw"

    and read all sites that speak about tweaking the Windows 7 for DAW use.

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