Scoring to picture setup so dialouge track is immune from master bus?

Hey everyone- recently I've been getting some work scoring to picture. I've grown up on Live and still am using it for this purpose. So far, so good. 


But I know it can do a few things I want it to do that I can't figure out. When writing, I often get very rough cuts of a film or whatever it may that has rough dialouge. 


I want the ability to lower the volume on ALL the music tracks aka stems (and there can be a lot) without lowering the dialouge video track using just one fader. 

I'm thinking the best way to do so is I can create a return track, and send all my music stems/instruments to this one track at 100%. Then I guess I'd need to select their output options to "Sends only" to avoid sending them to the master bus... Then the dialouge track can just have it's output going to the master bus. I suppose I can then just lower/raise the volume of the return track I have all the instrumentals routed to to avoid any volume adjustments there affect the dialouge track.

However, this bypasses any effects on the master track, which is annoying... so what exactly is the best way to do this? In a perfect world I'd like to have any video tracks NOT be affected by the master fader so I can easily raise and lower all the music volume without affecting the video's volumes



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  • cheakypawl
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    If you GROUP all your music tracks, they will have their own fader. Does that help you?

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