Scene Triggering - Different Lengths of Scenes

Hi All,

I am struggling to pull the trigger on buying a full fledged version of Live 8, but I'm wondering if it is the right decision.

I want to trigger scenes to back live improvisation sets. All seems well if I don't stray from fixed length loops in clips that are essentially made up of either 4 or 8 bars. And if all the clips are the same length in the entire set of clips.

If I want to have a clip that's 9 bars long for example, here's where it breaks down for me.

I want to have the notion of a scene be it's own entity. I want to be able to trigger a scene to play completely through to the end (ex: 9 bars) and then trigger the next scene I have specified on my controller. Right now you have the option of 'follow' actions on clips, or triggering on global quantization. This really does not work for many reasons.

#1) Let's say my 9 bar passage has only one clip, the scene I want to trigger has 8 clips. If I set a 'follow' action on one clip, it only triggers one clip in that clip row. There may be ways around this using groups or making 7 more 'blank' clips to trigger the other ones, but this seems like a lot of work to make something simple happen.

#2) After my 9 bar passage, I want my global loop counter to reset to 1, it starts off at 2 now on my next clips and if I trigger more from there, everything is now off. In other I words I want my 4 bar passages to be acknowledged again and start at 1, not at 2 so my other global quantization triggers fire at the right time. 

I want to think of my sets in terms of scenes. I want the scene level to have 'settable triggering' like 'trigger at end of measure 9' and I want them to fully play out and work as entities in themselves. Maybe a 'scene triggering' mode or something. 

Scenes should have meta-data on them that should allow this to happen. Setting things like bpm and time signature should not be done in the scene title (this seems like a hack to me). I should have my own 'scene popup' that allows me to set parameters like this so triggering scenes becomes a very elegant and simple process if you do something outside of fixed length clips that are always all the same.

Any input here would be appreciated. Maybe I'm just being a noob, but I can't find any information that is helping me think that I can trigger variable length scenes differently.




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    Hey there,

    It's not ideal, but there is a workaround. I suggestion looking into IAC drivers (or MIDIyoke on PC).

    This allows you to set a virtual midi port in and out of Live.

    By doing this, you can create a "trigger" midi track, that has a certain loop with a certain length, and a note at the end of that loop which sends midi data out of Live, then back in.

    You can then assign the next scene to be triggered by that note.

    I have an in depth video on this.

    Hope this helps

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