Saving Drum Racks with external samples (outside User Library)

I use a laptop and have an external drive with most of my sample libraries on (to save space on my internal drive). When I buy/build a new sample library, I'd like to make a new Drum Rack for it so I can quickly browse and audition the library's samples later (using the macros and select chains to quickly audition kicks, then snares, etc).

If I create a Drum Rack using those samples and click the disk icon to save it, it seems the rack can only be saved to my User Library (which is on the internal drive) - not the external drive. Even worse, all the samples in the rack (and there'd be many given its purpose) are copied along with the drum rack to the internal drive/user library.

My goal is to save the rack on the external drive, right in the same folder as the sample library. Later, when I want to audition samples from that library, the drum rack and samples are both available via the external drive in one place... drag into a project, audition samples, and if I like a particular sample, I'd drag its chain out to a new track and it lives with the project. The selected samples are copied locally for the project and the rack and samples on the external drive stay where they are for next time.

Is this do-able, or am I limited to having these personal drum racks saved with duplicate samples in the User Library? Thanks!


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    Bump. Same problem here. Live v 9.7.5 

    I have a drum kit that I've created by taking a large audio file recorded from my modular synth and slicing it on Push. Saved on an earlier version of live, this preset is stored with its sample (just one file) and is available in other projects.

    I went through and cropped and normalized the samples just now, but if I save the drum rack, the samples don't go into my user library, they are stored in the project, mixed in with the other audio. 

    How do I save the edited Drum Rack so that the referenced files stay with it, so I can just pull up the Drum Rack in another session or browse the nice tidy smaller files? (without the project I created it in, which lives on a different drive)


    Anybody? Creating and saving user drum kits is something I want to do, frequently, so that the drums in my composition are unique. There must be an easy way to do this, hopefully without using the file manager or manual dragging/organizing files in the finder.

    Help us please!

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