Saving default track doesn't save automation lanes

I create automation lanes for some parameters, I save the track as default, I create a new track and the lanes are all set to Mixer (no parameters). Is there some other way to save automation lanes?


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    It's because automation lanes are NOT part of the track itself, they just look like they are for convenience.  In many (most?) other DAWs, automation resides on its own track entirely.  Ableton displays it the way it does because it's intuitive and convenient.  It is not, however, actually "part" of the track, so saving that track as a default doesn't include the automation (which makes sense, once you know how automation is handled).

    You CAN save a track + related automation, but not as default.  Once you have your track/automation all ready to be saved, click + drag the track left into your browser wherever you want.  You can make a new section in your User Library or wherever you want it.  It'll save it as the trackname.als

    You can then drag that .als back onto any future set to load your track + automation both.  As long as you drag it, it will load JUST the track into the current .als you have open rather than opening a new .als entirely!

    Note that even this method won't load the track's automation lanes display.  It'll still be reduced to only a single lane pointing at the Mixer, which is because these lanes are also not an inherent part of the track, just a GUI display of information in it.  That said, saving/loading it this way DOES preserve the automation itself regardless of how many parameters are automated.  You can then right click the track and hit > Add lane for each automation < and it'll open all your lanes back up.  I think this is the fastest/easiest way to accomplish what you're looking for.  Hope it helps!


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