Saving .als files to existing folder structure

I have all my songs on an external drive in folders according to artist-release. when creating loops and editing tracks, dragging the .als file back to the folder structure creates a hierarchy of folders and copies the track I've been working on into a 'samples' folder.

If I just drag the .als files back into the existing (artist -release) folder structure and use the 'collect files on export: never' setting will it just copy the .als file and then reference the existing audio clip and not the copied one within the new folder structure?

I'd like to keep the existing folder structure but just have the  .als files along with the .mp3s and the .FLACs


hamildad 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • vitaminB
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    That is correct, but be careful never to move your folders around or the als files will lose all their references and you'll have to relink them...

    6 years ago | 1 comment

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