Save midi mappings in plug in preset ?

Hi there 

Maybe I'm overseeing something ... 


When you change midi mapping settings is there a way to store them in that plug in setting when you save that plug in ?


I have some presets with changed values for Beat Repeat but when I reload them in another track I have to reset the Midi mappings again ...

I thought this was stored when you save the group or plug in itself but it doesn't .


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated .




DS VD 11 months ago | 0 comments

2 answers

  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    No, you have to map the set each time usually.

    I have never done this, but you could try to create a set with just the plugin inside of it, map that plugin, then drag that track into each set that you are working on. It might work, i have just never tried it.

    11 months ago | 0 comments
  • sight64
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    seems a much needed setting to have unavailable within Live.

    8 months ago | 0 comments

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