Samples/audio files keep going offline in Ableton Lite 9

Hey, so I've been using Ableton Live Lite 9 on a PC for awhile with no issues, until my PC crashed for good for an unrelated reason. I've since reinstalled Ableton on a MacBook Pro. Since doing so, I've encoutered a major obnoxious problem: 

Every time I record now, it no longer creates a specific "project" folder for the thing I'm working on at the time. It dumps all the files together in a big folder called just called Ableton. So when I go to reopen any project, including a project I literally closed 30 seconds ago, it can't find any of the sample files or audio files and it's just a big empty mess. 

Why is it doing this? How do I get my automatic project folders back? Please help, thanks!


Eighth_Wave 3 years ago | 0 comments

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