Sampler - Filter only Global - no single sample / sample bank option?

Hi, I use sampler to play my audio sample of sequenced parts from my hardware synths (normally  8 or 16 bars)

I load them in to Sampler and key assign ( don't need them to pitch, simple playback only) But I do need to set the filter point and amp envelopes as often I need long release tails. - Which is why I have have to use sampler and simply clips. 

Coming from a traditional hardware samplers use for many many years, I found this simple . - Either a sample is a single sample (which have individual filter and ADSR controls) or held within a group/ bank with other samples , either simply a group of different samples which I can set the same filter and ADSR, LFO etc setting to, or a group of multi samples for a multisample instrument) Also I am used to having dedicated EQ on each sample or sample bank that I can control as desired, seems an EQ is missing in sampler too.

BUT IT APPEARS THAT I CANNOT HAVE INDIVIDUAL FILTER , ADSR, LFO settings on each sample in the sampler window - is this correct?! 

I understand that I should/ will be using different channels/ instances of sampler over multiple tracks/ channel strips for different parts . e.g. one for strings , keys , synth lines etc as they will all need treated differently. 

But say within my strings samples I would like all to have different ADSR and filter settings, so the sampler treats them as single samples . And run from the same channel as they will have same effects on all. 

This is really basic for a hardware sampler , the single sample or sample bank/group control is the fundamentals of a sampler in my eyes.. 

Could anyone enlighten me to working with single samples ?

Simpler doesn't appear to be an option as why should I have 5 channels of strings when only one should do , i can't see that you can key assign or rack up more than one instances of simpler which might be another way. 

Thanks in advance






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    Im new to ableton, and was looking for the answer to this too

    i do not dare to ask ableton again because of the manual ALSO missing this info

    im considering my uvi falcon and skipping ableton sampler



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