Sample randomizing in Sampler?

I'm trying to record an E-bow guitar at different styles, using about three recordings of each style.  

Is there a way in Sampler to randomize which sample is triggered?   Like if I hit middle C, can I use multiple samples that are triggered randomly each time I hit the key?


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    Yes, it is possible.

    You need to select the samples in the zone browser that you want to randomly trigger for one particular key then select the "Sel" tab and "Distribute ranges equally". Do this for each group of samples for each note. Then go to the modulation section and select LFO 2, set type to the "random wave form" and freq to max which is 30Hz. Then at the A tab at the bottom choose "Sample Selector(M)" and put the percentage to 100%. 

    This will mean each time you hit a note it will trigger one of your multi samples for that note. It's a kind of round robin effect but random rather than sequential.

    If you want to see an example of this you can download the Kalimba rack at my blog and have a look how I've implemented it there.

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  • 0x80
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    If you have a lot of samples and you feel like doing the "even distribution" in the sel tab is too much of a hassle, you can also just give them all a single unique value/position, and then map a macro knob to the sample selector. For this macro knob you set its range from 0-"nsamples min 1", and then randomize the macro using a M4L LFO device or something. 

    This way you can always easily add samples without having to redo the whole distribution.

    But when doing it manually you can adjust weights of samples (as a result of uneven distribution) so that some occur more often then others. Might also be nice :)

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