sample placement when changing master tempo?

Im working on a movie soundtrack and i got the problem that when i put in single audio files in the arrangement view they are not in sync to the video any more when i change the master tempo.

i want to be flexible wth my songtempo after i put the sfx sounds in. pro tools for instace keeps the audio files in place and just changes the grid in the background.. is there an option to keep my sample placement where it is when i change the tempo?


warping is set to off for all clips

im working with ableton live 9.1


elwood88 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Near Earth Object
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    I think that only works when warp is on.

    Load all the parts you want to use, warp them, and make them sync to the project tempo.

    When you save the project (or the warp settings of separate clips, in the clip settings), all the used sounds will be in sync with your project.

    With warp on, you can then change the project tempo, and everything will stay in sync.

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  • elwood88
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    warping is no solution for me cause my issue is only related to the starting point of the sample.. in live its not the grid thats moving its the clips that move when i change tempo.. thats what i think is pretty weird.i cant warp the video file cause i want it to playback as it is, but the video file will always change its length in relation to the little audio pieces on the timeline.. thats whats messing with my arrangement.

    i found a workaround in consolidating all tracks to the strartpoint of the video so all audio clips got the same startpoint. then i can change tempo and it keeps the sample where they were to sync with the video movements..

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