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I use a Handsonic HP10 to play drums/percussion/instruments through Ableton.  I have a setup in mind I'd like to use but I don't know how to go about routing it.  

For each pad I would like to be able to trigger a sample from within a bank of samples, ie kicks, snares, cymbals, toms etc.  I may want three pads to trigger a different sample from within the same bank and, if possible, be able to trigger the same sample with three different at a different pitch (so that you could, for instance, play a single Tom-Tom sample on three different pads, each with different tuning).

Until now I have been using a Drum Rack loaded with Instrument Racks in various slots, each with a chain selector that can dial through samples within those Instrument Racks.  The problem being that if I want to trigger two different samples within an Instrument Rack on two different pads, I would have to duplicate that Instrument Rack, which means that I have to rearrange my Drum Rack for different setups and I presume it duplicates the samples that need to be loaded.

I'd like to be able to use Lemur or Touchable to select which bank of samples each pad would access, and then dial in a different sample within those banks to be triggered,  then to be able to change the pitch, volume and Return Send amounts for each pad.  Ultimately I'd like to use a state saving plugin like K-Device's TIP to save the state of these settings so that I could load this one Kit of Kits and recall a fine tuned kit quickly without having to load a drum rack.

Does anybody know a way of building such a contraption?  Or am I overlooking something simple?

Many thanks


Hold The Door 2 years ago | 0 comments

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