Sample Library/Saving samples

Is there any official guide/workflow regarding previewing, choosing best and saving/exporting samples to another folder ?

For example,

I bought sample pack, copied files to some temp folder added place in Live  and from that folder  I want to pick the ones which i like and save them to another folder (unaltered). 

Quickest way would be to drag good ones to session/arang. view and then drag them back but to my customized folder . Only problem with that is that you get  alc. files (reference to file stored in user library). :(

I found couple procedures how you could save them, but that involves spending too much extra time for something that should be easy as drag and drop or there should be some "mod" in ableton just for sample preview/file management.

For example you could Collect all and Save, browse to project file, find one sample and click show in windows folder. From there you could copy files to another folder (unsorted) ..  

Is there some known workflow for that or at least 3rd party software for that ?

Can Live explorer be replaced with something else or at least is thera a way to get at least 2 opened searches at same time ,( this one explorer window is such limiting feature)? 


btw. can you put live browser on right side of Live screen or even better , choice to use it on third monitor  ?






dozz 1 year ago | 0 comments

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