Sample Cropped At End After Automatic Warp -- Possible Bug (Specifically in 9.6.2 Windows)

I have a sample I cropped and bounced in logic where the audio says "The wall just got ten feet higher." Unfortunately, when imported into Live you don't hear the last syllable of "higher". The play area selected here,, doesn't play at all, completely inaudible!

I spent a couple hours trying to figure this out to no avail. It plays perfectly fine in a media player, but in Ableton it's unusuable. I have an install on my desktop and fresh untouched install on my laptop and tried it on both to the same results. :/

1) Could this be caused by the automatic warping on import into the Simpler/Sampler?

2) If so, how do I avoid it? (You can only stop clips over 60 seconds from being warped afaik)

Here is the sample (that sounds perfect in the dropbox player) in case anyone wants to try:

I am throguhly confused. I hope it is something simple I did. 

Edit: I can confirm that the issue does not exist on 9.5 on OSX from a friends computer that auto warped the import.

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    Edit: What is extra weird, is if I reverse the clip, the information disappears.

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