Running Live 9 on a Virtual Machine

Does anyone have any experience running Ableton on a VM?

I currently have Ableton installed on a PC at home and a Mac in my office. It's a bit of a pain to move projects between the two... the PC has all kinds of VSTs installed, the Mac is more lightweight. So I'm thinking I might try setting up a Windows 7 VM in VirtualBox with only Ableton on it, and storing that VM in Dropbox. I have a few concerns.

One, will there be any activation issues? The hardware (as far as Ableton sees it) should be identical, but I'm not sure.

Two, will latency be a huge issue? I use a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB for my I/O. Virtual box can take over the USB connection so it won't route through the host machine, but maybe that's not enough.

Thanks for any advice anyone can give. I'll have to buy a new Windows license to do this which is why I'm asking first instead of just trying this out.


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  • timblaktu
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    Im curious if you ended up running Ableton 9 successfully under a Windows Virtualbox guest. I'm looking at retiring my Macs and moving to cheaper PC hardware where I would prefer to run ableton under Windows guest, Linux host. I would like to boot Windows natively only if absolutely necessary. I have used linux guests on Windows hosts for years at work, but (a) never vice versa, and (b) never used any virtualization of audio hardware. I'm curious how latencies are under VBox guests.

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  • chrtessa
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    Actually i use Ableton on Windows Virtual Machine under Unraid. Unraid is a very little OS first done for create a NAS but now with new virtual technology, Qemu & KVM, for  hardware pass-through. So your VM can access directly to the graphic card and in my case firewire pci card with two Motu 828MK3 connected . The result is very impressive !. I now trying to do on a MacOs VM.

    In the week-end i will make an article on my blog with more information & details :

    But if you are on Windows no virtual software can't do this so your Usb or Firewire won't be directly connect to the WM this means poor performance.

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