Running Ableton 9 on a Linux server

I pretty much a noob when it comes to Linux and servers, so I'm not even sure if it's possible, (it could well be a silly question), but I was wondering if anyone has managed to install and run Ableton 9 on a Linux server?  

I have a project where I'd like to have Ableton running and not be controlled by a laptop/desktop computer, but be running on the server itself?

The server is a Synology if that helps!?!

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    I'm a Linux / Open Source / POSIX expert and would be very happy if Ableton would offer a linux port in the future - even if many VST plugins are still not available for Linux (but the major VST development platforms allow builds for linux relatively easily), but LADSPA and other open standards are hardly evolvinga nd i assume it will just be a matter of time when a higly technical software solution like ableton would be requested for Linux more and more - at least with the upcoming AVB standard and similiar open professional "musical" standards which get's more and more attention from educational and professional users (i.e. ardour etc.).

    Until then you have to use VirtualBox, VMware, Xen or similiar "full vortualisation" technologies to "run" Live under "Linux" (virtualized in a virtual Windows) or try to get it working under WINE (which is a matter of luck - especially the audio I/O and realtime / latency environment).

    I'm a Linux only user since 1993, but only for DAW / my studio i have to switch" to Mac OSX (which is POSIX / unixoid too and much near to linux by handling then i.e. Windows). A "server only "implementation might be cool and simpler to implement for first for Ableton as all the GUI stuff is secondary... Professional audio and MIDI routing (network) applications are rising under Linux and more and more professional internet studio / mastering / streaming etc. services are Linux based (typically with jack).

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