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Been using Live for a few month now,I understand the the numbers,on the ruler such as 1.1.3 for example.

But was wondering,how or if, there is any way to adjust the ruler,for finer adjustments?

Does the zoom function have a role to play in this?

Thanks if you can help



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  • antarktika
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    Click in the top "ruler" area to make sure you have the piano roll selected:

    cmnd 1 - increases grid divisions

    cmnd 2 - reduces divisions

    cmnd 3 - converts to triplet grid

    cmnd 4 - turns grid on/off, you can slide notes back and forth in tiny increments in this mode, note lengths will be determined based on the size of the grid when it was turned off, cmnd 1 and 2 can be used to adjust this length while the grid is deactivated.

    If you need more precision, you can zoom in and further increase the number of divisions

    You can also ctrl-click on the piano roll to bring up a list of options for grid size

    5 years ago | 1 comment

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