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using tc impact twin-/Ableton live 8.2.1/ TC helicon voice works, how can I route a dry recorded vocal in ableton into the voice works to harmonise it-  then back to a new audio channel in ableton to record the harmony track ?


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  • Warrior Bob
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    Record your vocal in Live as a clip in a track. Set that track's "Audio To" chooser "Ext. Out" and select whatever output(s) on your Impact Twin you want to use. Physically connect those outputs on from Impact Twin to the inputs on the Voiceworks, and then connect the Voiceworks' output to an Impact Twin input. Make a new audio track in Live and set that track's input to the Impact Twin's input which you've just connected. Record the Voiceworks' output in this new track.

    When you're done, change the first track's "Audio To" back to "Master" since you no longer need the Voiceworks. 

    You can also make a similar setup with an External Effect device if you like, but I prefer doing this kind of thing with just tracks.

    6 years ago | 1 comment

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