Routing signal through a reamping box and pedals in Live - question/issue



I'm quite new to using recording interfaces and I've mostly been using "analog" guitar gear so far, so excuse my pretty beginner knowledge...


Basically, I would like to use some of my guitar pedals after an amp sim plugin (mainly because I want delays and reverbs after an overdriven amp tone) - for this purpose, I have a reamping box. The signal goes from my guitar to input 1 on the interface (Scarlett 2i4), then I use output 3 to feed the signal through a reamping box and pedals and it returns to input 2 on the interface.


The way I have it setup in Ableton Live 9 Lite makes sense in my head, but does not work:

Track 1 - input is "Ext. In" 1 and output is "Ext. Out" 3.

Track 2 - input is "Ext. In" 2, output is Master.

When monitoring, there is no sound at all even when monitoring of both tracks is set to "In" - although both Input 1 and Output 3 clearly register sound in Live.


The only way it *kinda* works is if I simply set the output of both tracks to Master, and monitoring of both to In. It seems to make hardly any difference if I monitor track 1 or 2 then - I'm testing with a delay pedal, and while the signal sounds normal and the pedal works fine, it clearly blends the dry Input 1 signal with the Input 2 signal, and so the delay effect is much quieter and weaker than normal. Also, there's an annoying side effect of wailing feedback if the volume starts getting too high.


So, basically, how can I set the routing in Live to get JUST the signal from Input 2, already processed through the reamping box and pedals?


I hope this is understandable, and I'd be incredibly grateful for any help - I feel I'm just at the doorstep of getting this to work... and it's really frustrating I can't find the problem.

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