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Real new here so bear with me.

I have . AKAI MPK249 MIDI controller and a Behringer UMC404 for mic/instrument. Both USB into Win 8.1 PC with Soundblaster Z card.

How do I set them both up? I can set audio source to the SB choose the MPK as the input and output to Master and it plays through the soundcard and records but nothing through the UMC unless I chose it as the source. I can't play the MPK and record a vocal at the same time. Is this possible.  I get lower latency out of the. MPK than the UMC so want to keep the MKP direct into the. PC. Is this possible?

Also when I choose the UMC I can only monitor a direct signal through the sound card not what is coming through Ableton and at that just the left side, using input 1 on the UMC, not a single mono channel. If I plug into output 2 I get right side.  I have the UMC set to mono and everywhere I can find in device manager as 4 channels not two stereo.

Any help?


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    About the stereo/mono thing: every stereo track consists of 2 channels (left & right). If you want it to be mono: make sure you choose the input channel in Live as the only input: that should give you a mono signal.
    The direct monitoring function you mention is made to be able to hear the input directly, without latency. There should be some sort of direct monitoring switch or knob on the soundcard to also be able to hear the internal signal.

    About your setup. The Behringer interface uses a driver to communicatie with Live. Since you can only choose one Source at a time, you have to tell Live which interface to use. If you choose the SB, you won't be able to use the Behringer inputs, etc.
    I think you can route both by using something like Soundflower or similar. But when in doubt, I'd set the Behringer as the main interface in Live. Latency can be corrected internally in most cases.
    Hope this helps.

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