Routing MIDI from keyboard controller, to Reaktor VST, to Ableton device or another VST?

Hi folks,
I'm having difficulty routing MIDI in Ableton. I have a Reaktor patch that takes MIDI notes and turns them into up to four different CC messages, say #20, #22, #24, and #28. The Reaktor patch can send these CC's alone or with the original MIDI notes. It can receive notes on a channel and send them on a different channel. I want the sent notes to appear like they are coming from external equipment and have flexibility in assigning MIDI channels. I have LoopBe1 MIDI router installed. In summary, how can I achieve the following MIDI signal routing?
MIDI KEYBOARD ---(a)---> REAKTOR VST ---(b)---> Ableton device or VST
(a) contains only the MIDI data produced by the keyboard
(b) contains only the MIDI data produced by Reaktor
I've tried setting up Reaktor in one track and another instrument in another track but I cannot seem to get it to work.
I've also tried setting up Reaktor in one track, using another track to send to LoopBe1 MIDI-in, and a third track to receive from LoopBe1--but that did not work either.

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