routing audio with focusrite saffire pro 40

I have the saffire pro 40 with the octopre dynamic connected via optical in and out.


I am trying to demonstrate a technique for pre and post sends I have a send "D" that i would like to send to a synth. The synth an ultranova has two jacks connected to output of the pro 40 5 & 6 which go to input 1 & 2 of the ultranova.

The outputs are setup in ableton and D is on pre post and set to ext 5/6 and the signal is there on the send.


What do I set the saffiremix to? the signal is not reaching the ultranova.


The ultranova output is at 17/18 on the adat input.





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    Ok I spoke with Focusrite and they told me how to do this. set the track or return I want to send out to ext and the output we want in my case it was 10. Then set the lineoutput 10 on saffiremix control to (this was the bit i was not getting) "DAW 10". then the signal is routed via ableton.

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  • deadart
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    thanks for answering!

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