Routing Ableton live into Traktor pro 2

Does anyone know if its possible to route audio from ableton Live 8 into Traktor pro 2? And sync it to....
So that the master output of Ableton is routing to deck C or D of Traktor....

This is the equipement that i have to make it work if its possible:

Ableton Live 8
Traktor Pro 2
Pioneer DJM-800
Traktor audio 10
Audio 8dj


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    has anyone responded back to you on this topic?? because i have the same question?

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    virtual midi cable

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    I found success syncing traktor to ableton's MIDI clock. Run both ableton and traktor, in ableton preferences you will see Output: Traktor Virtual Input - turn them all on.

    you will need to make sure your interface latency is calibrated in ableton. Also, in traktor select "EXT" this will select ableton's midi clock as master. 

    I believe the video suggests the other way around as the "right" way. but beat matching, warping is much better in ableton. I only use traktor to scratch samples in tempo with ableton.


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