ReWire Slave?

I've read some forums about this already and don't understand. I'm brand new to Ableton and MIDI's in general. I have Live 9, and use a Launchpad Mini. Half the time I turn on Live, it goes into ReWire slave mode and I can't use the MIDI or get any sound out of anything. 1) What's the point of this? and 2) How do I get rid of Slave? It seems to do everything perfectly fine without it. What document do I type ReWireSlave=0? (or whatever the code is)


racingthesun 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • andrewjbland
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    "It is not possible to use MIDI controllers as native Control Surfaces in Live" - when ableton is running in slave mode. 

    "If Logic is running, Live will automatically start in ReWire slave mode" - if you have logic...

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