ReWire not working in Live Launchpad Edition

According to this chart, Launchpad edition does support ReWire, but my I/O panel in the Live mixer doesn't show Reason as an audio source or available MIDI output. 

I'm using Reason Essentials 1.5, running in 32-bit mode (I'm aware that ReWire only works in 32 bit) on OS X Snow Leopard. It ReWires into Pro Tools 10, Logic 9, or Cubase 6 Artist just fine. Only Ableton is giving me problems. Version is 8.0.6, Launchpad Edition (I haven't "upgraded" to 8.3 as that gives me "Lite," which limits to 8 tracks versus the 16 I get with Launchpad 8.0.6). 

Any ideas? I never tried ReWiring before I upgraded Essentials from 1.0 to 1.5, so I guess it's possible that some kind of issue was introduced there. 1.5 is very new. Any help is appreciated. 


mkadath 5 years ago | 0 comments

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