Reverting live 9 to Live 8 behavior: Note Editor (always quantized) and Create new Track default set to Auto Monitoring

These are behaviors which are slowing down my process greatly. When I make a new track I want to record enable and hear it (monitor set to auto) and I always want my edits in note editor quantized unless I hold the Alt key for fine resolution.

Is there a way to revert to the Live 8 behavior , perhaps with a .ini file or something ?





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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    First, what you should do is make a track exactly as you want it to pop up when you hit command / control + T for audio or command / control + option + T for Midi. What you want to do then is save the track somewhere by simply dragging it somewhere into your browser. I saved mine in my User Library next to the 6 main folders. This should create a .als file, and what you want to do is name it the following without quotations:

    "Default MIDI Track.als" or

    "Default Audio Track.als"

    Then all you have to do is go into Finder or Explorer and navigate to the following folder:

    Applications > Ableton Live 9 _ > Contents > App-Resources > Core Library > Defaults > Creating Tracks and in your case, go to Audio Tracks.

    There will be a similar folder on Windows, but I am unsure as to what it is.

    Next, drop the .als file you just saved into the folder with the default tracks and the next time you create a track, Ableton should pull from the track you just created.

    I tested this both with various inputs/outputs, with the speaker off and even by changing the name, and it always worked for me.

    As far as the midi note editor quantization, you should just have to pull up the quantization settings by pressing shift + command / control + U and set the settings to whatever you want.

    However, if you want recording quantization, you have to go to the edit tab in Ableton (at the top) and go into Recording Quantization, where a list of quantizations are available.

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    Does anyone have a location on XP ? My core library is not under the stated place on other threads ( C:\User...) as that folder does not exist (hidden folders are showing)

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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    try looking in the C:\Program files, or 

    C:\Windows folder. 

    either could work. Sorry, I can't really verify it. I don't have a PC

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  • re:dream
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    It is inside the ProgramData directory on your root disk, whatever that is:


    Root>ProgramData>Ableton>Live 9 Standard>Resources>Core Library>Defaults>Creating Tracks


    Alternatively you can just right click on the top of the track and  choose 'Save as Default MIDI / Audio track' right at the bottom :)

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