Rendering mono track to mono file from track output, rendered volume much lower?

When I use the Export Audio/Video option to export a mono track I recorded, I am setting the "rendered track" in the export settings to the one I want to bounce, and convert to mono is checked. However, the resulting track is much lower in volume, even if the output volume of the track I am rendering is at 0. Why is the rendered file so much quieter than the source? How do I get a mono bounce of a mono track to come out the same volume as it is post fx? All I want to do is bounce through the mono fx I have on the track (Melodyne) to do pitch correction, and have a resulting mono file that is the same amplitude, but with the pitch correction done. Can anyone please let me know what I am doing wrong here? Thanks!

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    Weird. I think I know what happened. I had the track volume at -15 and rendered, then realized it was too low. I tried exporting again with the track at 0, and instead of rendering to a new filename, I overwrote the file I just rendered. When I dragged the new/overwritten file into the timeline, it was still really quiet. I just tried deleting it and doing it again with a different filename, and now it appears to be just fine. Seems like this might be a bug with the overwritten rendered file not being updated in the Recorded folder for the current project.

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