Rename Sample, File, and Remain in Same Place on Browser Folder


I frequently rename samples while scanning folders, from the browser. I like to pick it out "good" samples, and rename them.

In Live 8, when a file would be renamed, the browser (i.e. highlighted) point would stay in the same place (position, location). For example, if I renamed a file from "drum" to "-drum," the browser would continue scrolling from the original file name (i.e. drum).

With Live 9, when a file is renamed, the browser moves the scrolling (highlighted) point to the new, renamed file (i.e. -drum). To get back to where you left off, you have to find the original position (i.e. drum). This can be rather cumbersome, when scrolling through (scanning) a folder with many samples.

This used to work in Live 8, but I haven't found a solution in Live 9.

Thanks for the help!

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digivitis 11 months ago | 0 comments

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