Remote Scripting and BCR2000 buttons


Sometime I wonder if I am the only one to try to understand Remote Script in that forum :(


My question is: I have a problem setting up my BCR200 button to be catched by the remote script.

Here the code:


def _setup_sub_selection(self):
        is_momentary = True
        self.bank1 = ButtonElement(is_momentary, MIDI_CC_TYPE, 10, 10)
        self.bank2 = ButtonElement(is_momentary, MIDI_CC_TYPE, 10, 11)
        self.bank3 = ButtonElement(is_momentary, MIDI_CC_TYPE, 10, 12)
        self.bank4 = ButtonElement(is_momentary, MIDI_CC_TYPE, 10, 13)
    def _select_bank(self,value):
        self.log_message("Get message value:"+str(value) )
        if( value == 10):
            self._session.set_offsets(1, self._session.scene_offset() )
        if( value == 11):
            self._session.set_offsets(8, self._session.scene_offset() )
        if( value == 12):
            self._session.set_offsets(16, self._session.scene_offset() )
        if( value == 13):
            self._session.set_offsets(24, self._session.scene_offset() )
But the callback is never called. I have the same problems trying to settiong button to control the session.
Any help please??


Proj3ktDharma 5 years ago | 0 comments

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