remote script or max for live - ableton clip containing message to move this clip to top of launchpad

I'm really not 100% sure if this is possible, or exactly the language to use to describe what i want to do, but here goes.

When I play live I want my Launch pad to follow when I select clips. 

I have a footswitch selecting scenes for each new song, and when I press the scene with the footswitch I would love if that could also send out a message to Launchpad or AKAI mpc mini, that sends the scene just activated to the top of the visual launchpad grids. 

This would mean that I don't have to constantly page down on the actual launchpad unit itself, it is really time consuming and messy in a fast moving live set. 

I feel like it would involve some sort of remote script? Or maybe even some max for live creation. 

I'm hoping someone out there has wanted the same thing!! 




janearnison 2 years ago | 0 comments

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