Reinstall of Live 8.3.1 mising presets.

Reinstalled Live 8.3.1 Software only

presets for midi effects missing

Repair library button cannot be clicked.


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    The problem with "software only" is that you're not only missing out on instruments and such; but also on everything required to fix your library.

    In short: the extra content basically consists of a whole bunch of .ALP files which basically contain your entire pristine Library in a compressed form.

    Solution is relatively easy: if you still have your old version around check the "Resources \ DefaultPackages" directory; there you'll find all the .ALP files. Simply copy (or move) them to your new installation. Now you should also be able to repair your library again.

    Guessing here: I think the main file you're after is "Live8Library_v8.8.alp" but not positive. If you want to speed things up you could start by trying to manually re-install this one.

    Oh; and keeping a backup of your library "just in case" is of course always a good idea.

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