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I am ready to create an audio file(export)from a recent live set in Live 9. I'll call it song 1. I have a complete arrangement of song 1, and I will render it to a wav file suitable to burn to a CD. After my rendering is complete and I have the wav file, is the recent set still in my  Live 9's recent live sets so I can keep rendering to other formats, for instance an mps file or to sound cloud, or just to rework the song? Also, should I create an analysis file? What is analysis file used for?                                                                                                                               

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    When you render an arrangement to audio, you can still work on your Liveset, yes.
    You can render it to either wav or aiff format. If you want to convert that to mp3, you will need an audio editor (like the freeware Audacity, or some other program like Soundforge, etc.) to open the wav/aiff and then convert it.

    About the analysis files: for normal use you won't be needing that.

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