Recording with clips in session view with Live 9.

I just upgraded from 8 suite to 9 Suite. Like what I see.

I mainly record in session view with clips and do my final touches in the arrangement view towards the end of any project.

I have noticed I have no problem getting my midi controller to play back the sounds, but when I arm a track for recording and then hit the arrangement record button the clip nor arrangement records anything and I hear no sound. If I hit the session record button it records normally in the clip.

In 8 I could just hit the play button on a clip to record as long as that track was armed.

What gives???


LiqMat 5 years ago | 0 comments

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    Session Record must be activated to record new notes into an already existing Session View Clip. This is also true if the Arrangement Record button is activated: by itself, the Arrangement Record button will record whatever is happening in the Session, which could mean several things:

    * It could mean that you are playing back Clips without the Session Record button activated: in this case, the Clip playback sequence is recorded.

    * It could mean that you are jamming on a MIDI Track without a Clip playing: in this case, your jamming is also recorded.

    * It could mean that you are playing back Clips and simultaneously adding to them by hitting Session Record on and off. This addition of new elements is then recorded into the Arrangement as well.

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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