Recording Vocals with Zoom h2 and viewing it live with Ableton ?


I have just purchased Ableton live Intro 8
Its a great piece of software.
I would be using it for recording Vocals Only.. No music
I have a Zoom H2 Voice Recorder, i wanted to know if it possible to setup Zoom h2 with Ableton live so that when the Zoom is recording, Ableton is showing it live with all the vocal settings and mic gain etc. I want to keep an eye on the Recording live on my computer 
is it possible ?


Ibn Saeed 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Ark Arsenal
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    The answer from scottiedo is incorrect.

    I was just playing around with my H2 to see if I could get it to record directly into live and it works perfectly.  If you're using windows (with ASIO4ALL hopefully) you need to download the asio driver for the H2 at (for 64-bit) or (for 32-bit).  Follow the directions to a tee during the installation! 

    After you've installed the driver, connect the H2 with the USB connector and on the H2, go to Audio I/F -> Connect.  Your computer should then recognize the device.  Now open up live and insert a new audio track.  Assuming you have ASIO4ALL set up, find the "Audio From" section (in the I/O section of the track) and select Config in the drop down menu.  Go to input config and make sure you have 1/2 and 3/4 highlighted. 

    Now in the drop down menu you should see either 1/2 or 3/4 lighting up with some sound coming in from the H2.  My 1/2 was my computer's built in mic, so once I figured out which one was the H2, I went back into config and unhighlighted my built in mic (to save CPU).

    If it's still not working, one thing to double check is in the ASIO hardware settings (Audio From -> Configure -> Hardware Setup) that your Computer mic's input is shut off.  I think it clashes with the H2 if not.

    Not sure how to go about it on a Mac though.  Good luck!

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  • scottiedo
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    No. The only way a Zoom can interface with a computer is to mount the flash drive in order to transfer files.

    Is there any reason why you aren't using an interface and recording into Live? An interface is made to fulfill the exact need you have and you won't have to transfer and import your recorded files to edit.

    6 years ago | 1 comment

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