Recording Vinyl into Live 9 gain problems

Hi Guys I'm recording my vinyl into Live 9 using a Technics 1210 and a focus rite scarlet 2i4 sound card. The audio goes in ok but when I play it against a downloaded AIFF the gains and clip volume is much lower. I've tried going through my Allen & Heath xone 64 mixer and amp same problem.
any ideas do I need to eq the recording on the way in
Driving me mad thanks for any help


Nick Shone 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Pooks
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    I usually put a decent pre amp between my sound card and the turntable to ensure a good signal going in but your mixer should be doing the same thing for you.

    Make sure the input signal is near the top of the channel volume (just not over the 0db mark)

    If the recording is good apart from being quiet you could just turn up the gain on it by sliding up the gain on the sample window of the recording, however if there is a lot of background noise this will amplify the background noise as well.

    4 years ago | 1 comment

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