recording the actual song itself.

I have ab 9 suite and a focusrite saffire pro 40, i am a new ab user and spent the past few month getting to know ableton and recording audio, creating midi etc. What I am unsure is how to record the sound itself from the master so that i can upload to soundcloud. at present what i am doing is using soundforge to record from the focusrite mix from the loop in. seems rather a long winded way. I would very much welcome advice from a more adept ab user as this is just a hobby to me.


regards in advance.



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  • simantic
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    It would probably be easier to just export the audio to WAV or Aiff. You would do this by clicking the File tab and then clicking Export Audio/Video. This will give you several options for exporting. If you would rather just record the master output, you could download something like audio hijack pro. You can either purchase it or download the demo.                 Here is the link:

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  • PB21
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    ok i will stick to soundforge then, i was curious how people did this.


    thank you for quick reply.


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  • Hyphonetics
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    You have all of the audio sent to a return track, create a new audio track with the audio input being that of the return track and record it from there

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