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I have an external instrument set up controlling my Bass Staion 2 and have a sent the signal to my reverb which i'm hearing nicely, however when I record the signal, it's recorded dry without any reverb. 


What am I doing wrong?





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    The signal of your bass station goes straight to the master, but has a separate routing through the sends channel; so if you record from the instrument channel, all you record is the original signal, because the send signal is applied afterwards, and can only be heard in the master signal (including the sends you use).

    So if you want to record your synth plus the send effect, you can try several things.

    One way; use Live's "resampling" option and record the master output (+sends) while all other tracks are muted.

    Another way; using a send channel means you have a 100% wet effect on the send track, and you blend in as much as you like. Same thing can be achieved on the Bass Station channel itself by adding a reverb and using the dry/wet. Or by adding an effect rack with a dry and a wet chain, blending the 2 signals to your liking.

    Hope this helps!


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