Recording only main out via resample/audio track

Hi, i'v set up a session for playing a gig using clips and push. Too record the live performance I created an audio track with the input of the master using "resampling". So far so good. Using a tip from I record all session in one clip rather then have several clips with a past of the show; I use this set up cause I work with some hardware that is fed into Live via audio tracks. Now my challenge.

"Is there an option record only the "audio/resampling" track and not all the other midi and so info??" Maybe there is a whole other solution.

Why I want this?? I think (maybe this is wrong :-) that by recording all materiaal I can run out of CPU since I have a lot of tracks and the performance is about an hour.

I hope that I succeeded pointing out my challenge, when not just ask more details.

Thanks for replying.

Cheers, Jurgen SONICrider


SonirRider 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • CRoy
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    Hi Jurgen,


    you could create an auxiliary track and send all the tracks you need to be recorded to it and set the monitor to IN, do the same tip from Quadrophone (removing stop buttons) and you should be able to record exactly the things you need



    Cedric Roy 

    3 years ago | 0 comments

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