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I am trying to record midi instrument in each midi track but it can only be done if he the play button in the midi track is round. whenever i do record a piece it goes in the arrangement window. is thre away I can change the play button in the midi track back to the round recording button? for some instrument it has the stop icon. I am fairly new to DAW.


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  • LiqMat
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    Session Record Button is your answer. It's next to the "New" button at the top. I also am trying to figure out how to get a clip to record once armed by hitting the play button in the clip. When I hit play in the clip it starts recording when it is armed like 8 did, but for now hit the Session Record Button to record midi into your clip.

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  • Carlosnik
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    Ableton Live has an automated action that becomes available when you ARM your Midi / Audio Tracks. The Stops buttons that are quite visible on every scene they become Record Buttons.

    This Action can be replicated to Several Tracks at the Same time. 

    For example:

    You can Record Audio and Multiple Midi Tracks at the same time by launching a Scene in a row.


    2 Things to keep in mind:

    First one, you need to check the Preferences in Live at the Record flap, you will find an option that says, Begin Record at Scene Launching, please enable it.


    Second, in order to assign several tracks at the same time to be ARMED for Recording, you need to Press the Record Button at every track while pressing CONTROL (PC) and COMMAND (MAC) if my memory hasnt play games with me now.


    Then, you only need to Launch the scene you like, and all the tracks are going to start recording in synced.



    - Setup your preferences in order to have a COUNT-IN at least 1 Bar.

    - If you do not want to hear the sound of one track while recording, please take a Look at the MONITOR options. By default they are always in AUTO, and that means Ableton will decide to enable or disable the Monitor if the Track is ready for Recording or Not.

    This is pretty handy if you are recording an external instrument into an Audio Track and you want to eliminate the Feedback Risk in your speakers.


    - Take a Look into the I-O (In & Out) option on every track, Midi Track or Audio, because you have several important optiones there.


    Hope this could help anyone who is starting with one of the best DAW ever seen.


    OFF TOPIC:  All this valuable information can be found on the Manual, and let me tell you, the Ableton Live Manual is one of the Best References you could find, and its pretty handy and understandable for any kind of users level. Take a Look and if you have any further questions, you can count on me.


    Cheers from Argentina.

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  • The_|_|_|_|_Army
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    I just ended up being pissed and dropped my 25-key controller (which is now broken [usb plug bent in] because I thought I was doing something wrong, but Ableton 9 wasn't allowing for me to pre-designate a MIDI loop length prior to recording.  --- aka I double clicked the the block and set it to 4 measures then tried to record and nothing was coming through.  Being me - I threw Live 8 up after the fact and it functioned just fine.  Argh, I'm so pissed.   I likely just didn't set up 9 correctly, but it read my MIDI input just fine without predesignating the loop length...and now I'm out my last MIDI controller (till i bust out the soldering iron I guess)   grr...  Live 9 is awesome otherwise :D  The analog to MIDI function has already proven invaluable (me being a guitarist/bassist primarily).

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  • kungfudaz
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    I'm having similar problems in 9 beta ...


    I can record onto a track no problem .. HOWEVER


    If i create/insert a clip on which to record, and then arm the track and try and record into my looped clip ... NOTHING HAPPENS!


    The play arrow on the clip stays green instead of turning into a red one to show that it is recording like ableton 8 did


    In all the beta is quite impressive in many advanced ways .... However the simple bread and butter things like recording onto a clip are broken .. a massive step back and hopefully one that will be sorted before the actual release of 9



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