Recording Maschine Pad Mode MIDI into Ableton

I have spent the last few hours wrestling with this and am about to give up.

I have Maschine Studio enabled as a plugin within a MIDI track in Ableton Live 9. What I want to do, with Maschine in Pad Mode, is hit record in Ableton and have it record the MIDI notes from the pads on Maschine. I want to use the Pad Mode Chord Set feature of Maschine, and record the MIDI into Ableton.

I've followed the instructions in section 8.2.5 of the Maschine manual, which states:
With its MIDI output enabled, a Sound will send:
▪ MIDI notes corresponding to the notes played by that Sound in the current Pattern.
▪ MIDI notes corresponding to your hits on the pads.

The latter of these is what I want to do. I've configured the MIDI Out for the sound I'm using to the Host destination.

The sound from Maschine when I play the pads is coming through loud and clear within Ableton, and if I use my MIDI keyboard to play the sound from Maschine the MIDI is recorded as normal within Ableton. But the MIDI from the pads in Maschine is not being transmitted to (or not being received by) Ableton. I've tried playing around with the Track Input options in Ableton, but nothing works.

I have a feeling I must have missed something or be completely misunderstanding some element of the process. Can anyone clarify? It would be a shame not to get this working as the 'one pad chord' feature is something Maschine has which Push does not seem to have. Just as a test I have tried putting Maschine back to chromatic single note Pad Mode, but still nothing is recorded in Ableton.

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    For information, for anyone reading this in future...

    I was trying to record the MIDI onto the same Ableton track that Maschine was setup as a plugin on. What I needed to do was arm an adjacent MIDI track, assign the same plugin that I was listening to on Maschine to the new Ableton track, and set the inputs to Maschine on that track.

    So for example my specific setup in this instance which works was:

    Ableton MIDI Track 9 - Maschine assigned as plugin.

    Maschine - set to chord mode, using a sound from Arturia Jupiter 8V. MIDI output for that sound set to "Host".

    Ableton MIDI Track 10 - Jupiter 8V assigned as plugin, and required patch selected. Inputs for channel set to "Maschine" on both drop downs.


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