Recording into next scene?

Okay, so I assumed this was so easy it wasn't worth thinking about, but apparently not...

I want to record MIDI into a clip, a verse chord sequence, using the session record button. Then I want to select the next scene and record into that, with the same button. 

I assumed that selecting the scene would mean I'd be recording into the clip(s) in that scene, but it just records over the ones I just recorded, regardless of what scene I select. If I stop playback, it records into the selected scene fine. Selecting a scene seems to have no effect unless I stop playback at some point? Am I being stupid? I thought that would be easy?

DISCLAIMER: I am quite new to Live..!


krishalpin 2 years ago | 0 comments

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  • mcbpete
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    By the 'Session Record' button do you mean the one at the top of the screen ? If so this is for recording into the arrangement view (press the Tab button on the keyboard to see where you've recorded your notes and then press Tab again to go back to the session view). What you want to do is to click the 'Record' button that's the circle to the left of each clip/scene - this should then record into a new scene each time the circle next to a blank clip is clicked on

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  • krishalpin
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    I'm pressing the Session Record button as in the 'hollow' circle record button (next to 'NEW') which records into any record armed clips in the selected scene. This works fine, but what the manual describes is that this records into any clips on the selected scene that are record enabled. This works as described. However, this doesn't work if I've already recorded a clip with this method; even if I manually select the next scene, Session Record just triggers overdubbing in the clip I just recorded - the manual says it records into the selected scene, but selecting a new scene has no affect (unless I stop playback first) :/


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