Recording guitar or jam/impromptu sessions

I'm returning to using Live after a long lay off and I'm using Live 9 standard. I love the ease of using loops alongside my own recordings. I am primarily a singer/songwriter and often work alone. After house moves and family commitments I am getting back into writing/recording.

When I'm setting out to record a song I often have a tempo in my mind and can set that up either with a basic drum loop or click track.

The thing I always find confusing, is when I'm just sitting around "noodling" and leave a mic running to capture ideas or jam sessions on the fly. For example, a lot of the time I just use Audacity. It just records like a tape recorder. I don't need to think of my tempo in advance or anything like that. That works quite well for solo stuff.

What's the best way to set up Live for this - primarily just me with my guitar but sometimes other musicians - say up to 4 inputs. Do I just turn off quantise, arm the tracks and record?

Thank you.


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Suede Subway 3 years ago | 0 comments

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