Recording clip w/out temp, then setting live set tempo to clip

Hi all,

Is there a way to record a clip into live without setting a master tempo, then have live determine the tempo of the clip, then set the live set to the tempo of that clip?



I want to record a guitar riff, but am having trouble finding the exact tempo using the live metronome.

Can I just record the riff, the have live (through a warp marker function I assume) determine the exact tempo of the clip?

Then can I set the whole set to that tempo without warping the clip?




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    for recording midi clips free and on the fly and set LIVE's tempo after recording is done.

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    Logic has a rad thing where you can select a loop, then select the number of bars you want that clip to take up and then match the tempo of the project or that section to the clip. I can't find anything similar in Ableton and so what I do is the following:

    1. get the clip looping how i want it regardless of project tempo. 

    2. crop the clip to that loop

    3. add loop marker at the end of the loop

    3. change the clip length to some even number of bars I want it ultimately to be at in its natural tempo (after doing that, the audio will initially be less or more than that number of bars depending on whether it is faster or slower than the initial project tempo)

    4a. drag the loop marker to the end of the last bar.

    4b.  Hold down cmd (so you get fine rather than coarse adjustment) and drag up or down on the clip's tempo until the loop marker is at the end of the last bar.

    5. Change the project tempo to whatever the clip tempo ends up at. 

    Now the clip loops cleanly at its natural tempo. 


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